5 Steps an Injured Party Should Take Immediately Following a Hit and Run Accident

Hit and run accidents can occur when you least expect it. It’s always important to be very prepared and know what action to take if you are injured in a hit and run accident. What you do immediately after the accident can help to protect you from making the situation worse. Here are 5 critical steps you need to follow when injured during a hit and run accident.

Stop and find a safe location

One rule of thumb when involved in a car accident is to remain on the scene. If you are still on the road and are able to move, identify a safe location close to the scene of the accident. If you were driving, pull over your vehicle so that you can avoid causing traffic. Never attempt to chase the driver as this can worsen the situation.

Call the police

The next important thing is to call the police. The police will need the names of the possible witnesses, exact location of the accident and direction where the driver who hit you was heading to. Get in touch with the police as soon as you can even if you don’t have any information regarding the driver that hit you. Car accident claims are often denied because victims did not contact the police while at the scene of the accident. Don’t make this mistake.

Keep a record of important information

If a driver struck you or your car then left the scene, you may not have as much information. Work with what you have. Simple details like where the driver was heading to can help the police locate him/her. A few essentials that you may want to note down include the driver’s license plate number, the car make and model, the color of the car and time of the accident. Have contact information of potential witnesses and if possible, take pictures of the scene including the damage on your car as a result of the hit and run.

Contact insurance company

Get in touch with your insurance company as soon as possible so that they can begin the claims process. Insurance companies sometimes offer a rental car that you can use if yours is extensively damaged depending on the type of coverage you had taken. Minimum insurance coverage is usually unable to give you the protection you need during a hit and run accident. You may also be required to pay a deductible in order for the repairs to begin.

Call a personal injury attorney

Most importantly, you need to speak to a qualified personal injury attorney regarding the accident. A qualified attorney will help you in the process of filing a claim and ensure you get a fair and complete compensation for any injuries sustained. Don’t be quick to speak to an insurance adjuster and agree on settlement before you speak to a personal injury attorney.

As with any collision, make sure you document the hit and run accident to make it easy to convince the insurance company and police.