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For over ten years, Florida has ranked as the leading state for bicycle accident-related deaths in the United States. The state has also ranked as the leading state for overall bicycle accidents for nearly 20 years. Over 16 percent of all bicycle accidents that happen in the United States Occur in Florida according to the National Highway Safety Administration.

Perhaps the reason that there are so many accidents in Florida is due to the good weather. A large portion of all bike accidents that happen in Florida occurs near or at a beach. However, many bicycle accidents happen in the evening hours when cyclists are harder to see.

Cyclists face serious injuries when they have been hit by a car. The impact could cause catastrophic injuries by itself, and there is always a potential for being thrown on impact. Even with the use of protective equipment, bicycle riders face life-changing injuries when they are involved in an accident.

If you or your loved one has been injured while riding their bike, contact a personal injury attorney that handles bicycle accident cases. Having an attorney will protect your rights and help you get the compensation that you deserve.

Compensation Available For Victims Of A Bicycle Accident

Bicycle accident victims will face many challenges. Physical, emotional, and even financial challenges will all be part of the recovery process. To help ease the strain of these challenges, victims of an accident are entitled to receive compensation.

As an accident victim, there may be several types of compensation available to you based on the facts of your case. Your attorney will explain to you what kind of compensation is available to you during one of your meetings. You may qualify for one or more of the following types of compensation:

Medical Expenses – Current and Future Care

Your medical expenses associated with the accident will be a part of your compensation. If you require any additional medical care or require long term care for your injuries, your attorney will make sure that these costs are covered. All compensation packages will contain the costs of medical care.

Lost Income – Current and Future

Any wages that you have lost as a result of your injury will be covered in your compensation package. Lost benefits or bonuses may also be covered. If you cannot return to work, or if you can only return to work at a limited capacity, your injury  attorney will request that all your future earning losses are a part of your compensation package.

Related Expenses

As a result of the bicycle accident, you have incurred other expenses such as broken dental work or broken prescription eyeglasses. These expenses will be a part of your compensation.

Costs associated with medical care, such as transportation costs and medical supplies, will be added to your compensation package.

If you have to alter your home or your vehicle to accommodate your injuries, or if you have to purchase special medical equipment such as a wheelchair, your attorney will make sure these costs are included in your compensation.

Pain and suffering

Pain and suffering are a type of compensation that is unique to each case. Your attorney will use information from you and from your case to determine a fair amount for pain and suffering. Your lawyer can explain the method that they use to calculate this figure.

Other Forms of Compensation

Bicycle Safety

Head injuries are the most common injuries associated with a bicycle accident. Neck and spinal injuries are next, followed by fractures and lacerations. Using protective gear such as a helmet and appropriate clothing can significantly reduce the severity of these injuries in many cases. However, it should be understood that these protective items do not guarantee that your injuries will not be severe.

One of the leading arguments that the insurance company covering the accident will use to decrease your compensation package is that the cyclist did not use or did not use enough protective gear. While it is advised to use protective clothing and helmets, at this time, it is not mandatory. Your attorney will show how the use of protective gear has no relevance in your case.

How Can An Attorney Help My Bicycle Accident Case?

Having an injury attorney manage your bicycle accident claim gives you several advantages. First and foremost is that your attorney will have the skills to navigate the insurance process. Bicycle accidents will be covered by both No-Fault car insurance and the car insurance policy of the negligent driver. Navigating these two different insurers is crucial to a successful case.

Your attorney will have the resources to fully research the accident. Obtaining things like traffic camera footage or other types of surveillance footage that may have caught the accident on camera is just one way an attorney can help build your case. Your attorney will also be able to question the at-fault driver, interview witnesses, and work with accident reconstruction specialists to help build your case.

Your attorney will have access to medical professionals that can provide a non-biased opinion of your injuries and the treatments you are receiving. This information helps show the insurance company the seriousness of your injuries and what should be anticipated for your recovery.

Knowledge of the law is perhaps the biggest benefit that your attorney will provide. Knowing the law that governs insurance policies and claims will help your attorney build a solid case on your behalf and ensure you receive all of your entitled benefits.

On a more personal level, hiring an attorney to manage your case will also give you peace of mind. There is a lot of chaos and stress after an accident, especially if you have been injured. Having an attorney manage your case allows you to focus your attention on healing and to recover from this event instead of negotiating with the insurer.

There is never a reason to delay speaking with an attorney about your case. Schedule a free consultation today with South Florida’s most trusted bicycle accident attorney.

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