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    Florida’s great weather is one of the reasons that the state has more registered motorcyclists than any other state. In addition to the great weather, Florida also hosts multiple motorcycle events throughout the state each year, bringing even more cyclists to the area. Sadly, Florida also has the highest number of motorcycle accidents in the country.

    Passenger vehicles provide physical protection that is not available for motorcycle riders. Even with protective clothing and gear in place, motorcyclists often suffer from more severe injuries than those in a passenger vehicle. Additionally, there is always the potential for the motorcyclist to be thrown on impact, leading to additional injuries.

    Motorcycle accident victims also face another challenge that passenger vehicle victims often do not have to handle. Insurance companies are often very biased against motorcycle accident victims. They try to place partial blame for the injuries on the victim because they accepted the risk of driving a motorcycle.

    Everyone who is licensed to operate a motorcycle has the right and freedom to enjoy driving a motorcycle. Insurance companies cannot treat motorcyclists differently than other motorists. This is why it is very important to secure legal representation when you have been involved in a motorcycle accident.

    The Most Common Causes of Motorcycle Accidents

    Motorcycle accidents can happen for many different reasons. Negligent actions by the other driver can lead to a life-changing accident. Distracted driving, driving under the influence, and operating at unsafe speeds in bad weather are common causes for motorcycle accidents. However, there are some incidents that seem more common for motorcycle accidents. These include:

    • Failure to give the motorcycle the right of way
    • Failure to see a motorcycle while turning
    • Not anticipating the speed of a motorcycle
    • Stopping too quickly in front of a motorcycle
    • Driving too closely behind the motorcycle

    Work With A Motorcycle Accident Attorney

    Motorcyclists that are involved in an accident will find their lives turned into chaos almost instantly after the accident. Not only will they be trying t deal with serious injuries and a loss of income, but they will also have to deal with insurance companies that may try to place the blame f the accident on them.

    The stress associated with all of this chaos only hinders your recovery and makes life so much harder. To eliminate much of this stress, you are encouraged to consult with a motorcycle accident attorney about your case.

    Your lawyer can step in and manage all of your interactions with the insurance company. They can also make sure that you are receiving all the necessary medical care and that the insurer is providing you with all of the benefits to which you are entitled. Your attorney will also do all the negotiating with the insurance company for your damages package. All you will have to worry about is your physical recovery.

    Motorcycle accidents are life-changing events. To give yourself peace of mind and help ease the strain of the event, consult with South Florida’s most trusted motorcycle lawyer today.

    Provide Basic Information To Emergency Responders – Never Assume Fault

    All of the medical expenses from your accident will be a part of your damages package. If you need future medical care or continued medical care for the rest of your life, your attorney will include these costs in your settlement.

    Lost Wages

    All of your lost wages will be included in your damages. If you are unable t return to work because of your injuries, your attorney will also demand damages for your future earning capacity. Lost wages may also include employer benefits or bonuses that you lost due to missing work from your accident.

    Contact Your Insurance Company

    You want to report the accident as soon as possible to your insurance company so that you can continue to receive all of the medical care you need for your injuries. You should only provide a basic statement to them at this time. Do not give any absolutes about injuries, losses, or future treatments. If your insurer demands that you give a full statement at this time, politely decline and state that you do not feel comfortable providing an official statement without all of the facts. Regardless of what the adjuster will tell you, you have the right to decline at that time.


    Expenses related to your injury will be a part of your damages. This may include the cost of transportation and mileage to medical appointments, costs for doctor required supplies, and costs to alter your home or car to accommodate your injury. You may also be able to include the cost of dental repair work and replacement glasses if your prescription glasses were broken in the accident.

    Pain and Suffering

    The pain, suffering, and mental anguish that you experience after an accident are different for each person. Since this is such a personal type of damages, the amount for this type of damages will be different for each person. Your attorney will explain how this type of damages will be calculated for your case.

    Wrongful Death

    If your loved one died as a result of a motorcycle accident, you might be entitled to seek damages for wrongful death. Specific family members have the right to sue for damages for the loss of a loved one.

    Our attorneys understand how delicate of a situation this is for families. Our attorneys are compassionate and understanding. We know that damages cannot replace your loved one. However, not suffering financially from the loss of your loved one will allow your family to concentrate on bonding together and healing from this terrible loss.

    Types of Damages for Motorcycle Accident Victims

    Accident victims have the right to file a claim for damages for all of their losses. These losses include everything from medical expenses, loss wages and pain and suffering endured by the victim. Your attorney will explain to you the kinds of damages that are available for your case.

    As a motorcycle victim, you may qualify for one or more of the following types of damages:

    Our attorneys understand how delicate of a situation this is for families. Our attorneys are compassionate and understanding. We know that damages cannot replace your loved one. However, not suffering financially from the loss of your loved one will allow your family to concentrate on bonding together and healing from this terrible loss.

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