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Traffic Accident Attorneys in Pompano Beach FL

Whenever someone sits behind the driving seat of an automobile, the person should be well aware of the fact that the safety and security of other people on the road depends on his or her driving skills. In a large state like Florida, only competent drivers get the permission to drive cars and other motor vehicles. Still, traffic accidents do happen every 6 seconds.

A traffic accident is certainly a traumatic event, especially when someone else is responsible for your loss. It is not just the mental shock that can scar your psyche forever, but if you endure severe injury or your car gets damaged due to the accident, then your financial loss can also be significant.

Traffic accident injuries in South Florida are often costly, time consuming, painful and overwhelming. While you recover from the injury caused by the car accident, your bills keep increasing. You miss days of work and thus, your employer may deduct your salary. Besides, you may also have to pay for fixing your car, medical treatment etc.

At the Law Office of Ken M. Frankel we handle traffic accident cases in South Florida and help our clients get the compensation they deserve. Having more than three decades of experience, Ken M. Frankel knows what it takes to win the most difficult traffic accident cases. Ken works not just as an attorney, but he also gives his clients the emotional support they need, so that they can go through the tough time without much trouble. Ken M. Frankel has a team of proficient investigators and law experts and he consults with them to decide the plan of action for your case and takes methodical steps to ensure success in the legal battle.


What to do after your traffic accident in Broward County?

  • Do not give a recorded statement: to any insurance company without the advice of an experienced traffic accident lawyer.
  • Immediately get admission in a medical facility: No matter how minor your accident injuries may seem it’s important to see a doctor in the first 14 days after your car accident. Some symptoms may not appear for days or weeks, and medical treatment can help prevent your injuries from getting worse.
  • Record and Preserve Evidence: Hire a Lawyer as soon as possible after your car accident before important details become unclear. This will help preserve evidence and Document witness statements. draw a diagram of the accident scene. If possible, take photographs of the vehicles involved in the crash.
  • Avoid talking to anyone else without consulting your attorney: Misquotation and leak of crucial information to the third party can make your case weak.

How we work and why hire us?

  • What makes us different from other law firms is our confidence. We not only provide free consultation, but our remuneration is completely based on the money we acquire as compensation from the guilty party. So, the Law Office of Ken M. Frankel does not charge you anything, if it fails to obtain any compensation for you.
  • Our investigators reach the spot of accident as quickly as possible and talk to all the witnesses to know exactly what has happened. And record all crucial evidence for your case.
  • We work professionally and meticulously. Our accident reconstructionist visits the place of accident, search for skid marks, takes measurements and download the black box contained in the vehicle to collect evidence.

We serve  Broward County and the following cities in South Florida- Boca Raton, Fort Lauderdale, Delray Beach, West Palm Beach and Pompano Beach. You can contact the Law Office of Ken M. Frankel 24×7 to discuss your case.

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