Don’t Let a Car Accident Get You Down

auto accident attorney in Pompano Beach

You’re driving down the road minding your own business and enjoying the beautiful day.  The car in front of you stops suddenly and bam!  The front of your car impacts with the back of theirs and you’re in a car accident.

The sound of metal and glass coming together is almost sickening, isn’t it?

Let Ken Frankel be Your Car Accident Attorney in Pompano Beach Florida

A car accident is a really traumatic event.  It’s something that can scar you emotionally, mentally and physically.

After that rear end collision, you get out of your car to see what the damage is.  The driver of the other car remains inside and your mind starts to run with thoughts of injury to the other driver.

If you’re in a car accident here’s what Ken suggests to do right afterward:

  • If any one at the scene wants you to make a recorded statement immediately, do not do so.  This could be used against you buy the insurance company attorney
  • Don’t wait to be seen by a medical professional.  It may seem like you were fine and your injuries may be minor, but it’s best to get them checked out within the first 14 days
  • Make sure to contact an expert traffic accident attorney in Pompano Beach in order to record and preserve the little details of the accident that you might forget later.  If you can, take photos at the scene with your smart phone
  • Keep to yourself: This means don’t chat with other people at the accident scene because they could misquote you and that may hurt your case

What Makes Ken Your Go-To Auto Accident Lawyer in Pompano Beach?

That’s simple.  Over two decades of experience has honed his confidence and skill to a razor sharp edge.  You get a free consultation on your case and Ken gets no fee unless he secures a settlement or trial verdict for you.

The investigators in the Frankel traffic accident law firm in Pompano Beach will investigate the accident as quickly as possible and record all crucial evidence for your case.  They even have their own accident reconstruction expert to take measurements and collect other important evidence for you.

An important part of an investigation for something like a rear-end collision is determining whether the car in front of you had faulty brake lights.  Why is this important?  Because nearly every collision like that is won by the driver in front, not the driver in back.

What this means is that if the brake lights on the car ahead were faulty, the case may be settled more quickly and the driver will receive the compensation she deserves for any pain and suffering, lost wages or property damage.

Why Do You Need a Car Accident Lawyer in Pompano Beach?

Florida has some state rules and regulations that can complicate claims and the recovery of damages if you’re severely injured.  Having a lawyer who is Florida savvy like Ken Frankel will help you navigate the traffic accident and insurance maze.

Here’s What Happens

After you’re in a wreck, your auto accident attorney in Pompano Beach will get his team started:

  • Talking with insurance providers
  • Reviewing evidence with expert witnesses
  • Getting in touch with the police and securing accident scene reports
  • Talking to witnesses
  • Looking at the medical reports
  • Taking photos of the scene including any injury photographs
  • Analyzing the accident scene itself

Not Just Cars

The law firm of Ken Frankel has experience in motorcycle and truck accidents in South Florida.  Whether your accident occurs in a car, motorcycle or a truck Frankel Injury Law can fight by your side.

What happens if your injuries from an accident crop up a week later and are causing you to be permanently injured?

Every accident is different and even what seemed like a fender bender can cause permanent damage.

Your car accident law firm in Pompano Beach works hard to organize and deliver evidence on your behalf to ensure the defendant isn’t successful in re-categorizing your permanent injury as one that is temporary only.


What types of damages might occur from your accident?  There are several types of damages that can provide compensation, like …

  • Medical expenses
  • Lost wages and earning capacity
  • Pain and suffering
  • Punitive damages
  • Future medical expenses

Ken Frankel is committed to getting you the most monetary compensation for your injuries to make you whole again.  If you find that you are home bound or hospitalized, no problem.  We can come to you.

Ken prides himself on always been available to answer any client questions night or day, seven days a week.

If you’ve been in an auto accident in South Florida, contact Ken Frankel and learn more about how he can help get you the money you deserve.