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Auto accidents happen all of the time. In fact, about 2.35 million American people per year are injured or disabled in car and motorcycle accidents each year! Here’s another scary statistic: road accidents cost Americans over 230 billion dollars per year. If you are reading this right now, chances are you have probably been involved in at least a minor car accident before. When you become a victim of a car, truck or motorcycle accident, it may seem like you are jumping over hoops trying to get the proper compensation necessary for your injuries, time and car.

Insurance companies will do the bare minimum, if that, and will do anything they can to get out of having to pay any extra money for your time spent out of work, emotional damage or injuries. You just can’t leave your health and well-being in the hands of insurance companies anymore. When you get in a car accident, we at Frankel Injury Law hope that you will call us to be your auto accident law firm Pompano Beach, Florida!


Get the compensation you deserve with Ken Frankel’s traffic accident law firm Pompano Beach

Fender-benders: your car may not look very damaged, but you never know the long-term effects that a seemingly harmless bumper bump may have on you and your car. Even if from first glance your car and your car’s occupants don’t seem to have been injured, your car may have suffered damage that you can’t see right off the bat. You may also not realize that you have suffered from whiplash or other back and neck damage immediately after your car accident. Many times, these types of injuries aren’t completely felt until a day or two after the accident.

Car accidents, no matter how big or small, take a lot out of you and the emotional, let alone physical, toll that they can have on your body is immense. It’s important to not make any rash decisions immediately after your car accident happens. Instead, call us at Frankel Injury Law and let us be your traffic accident attorney Pompano Beach. We will take the time and effort to make sure that you get the compensation that you deserve from any type of traffic accident that you might have been involved in.

Let us be the car accident law firm Pompano Beach that you can trust

After a car accident, it’s hard to find anyone you can trust to get you the compensation that you deserve. We at Frankel Injury Law are determined to make you feel safe with our actions and decisions. You don’t want a traffic accident lawyer Pompano Beach that you pay a great deal of money to only for them to tell you that there’s nothing that they could do! We at Frankel Injury Law want to make you a promise that there is nothing we can’t do as your car accident lawyer Pompano Beach. Without our clients, our firm would be nothing. Strong client relationships is what our firm is built upon.

We each strive to be the best car accident attorney in Pompano Beach that you could ever ask for. That’s because we truly believe in getting our clients what they deserve, emotionally and physically. We know that we can’t help to prevent accidents from happening…and we certainly can’t take away the emotional and physical pain of an accident away from you. But, what we can do is be the best auto accident lawyer Pompano Beach that you could ever imagine, by helping you to deal with your accident. Getting the compensation that you deserve will help you to cope and allow you to go back to living your life normally, before your accident. Visit our website: Frankelinjurylaw.com to learn more.

Frankel Injury Law specializes in being an excellent truck or motorcycle accident law firm Pompano Beach

Motorcycle accidents are some of the worst accidents that you can be involved in. Sadly, the extent of the car and occupant injuries in a motorcycle accident is more than likely much worse than car or truck accidents because of how exposed a motorcycle driver is to the elements. If you are the unfortunate victim of a motorcycle accident, please allow us to be your motorcycle accident attorney Pompano Beach. Your motorcycle accident lawyer Pompano Beach should be one that knows how to deal with motorcycle accidents specifically. That’s why you should choose Frankel Injury Law: we know how to deal with motorcycle accidents and will get you the fair compensation you deserve.

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Frankel Injury Law also wants you to know that we also specialize in being an excellent trucking accident law firm pompano beach. We, as your trucking accident attorney Pompano Beach. are determined to help you not only get the compensation you deserve, but also help you abide by trucking rules and regulations in accordance with the companies you work with. As your trucking accident lawyer pompano beach, we promise to help you to the best of our ability and even beyond that.