Choosing the Best Personal Injury Lawyer for your Pompano Beach Car Accident

In 2017, there were 22 fatal car accidents involving 39 vehicles in Pompano Beach, FL. Although you can represent yourself in a Pompano Beach car accident claim, hiring a pro has more benefits, including better representation and giving you a chance to recover from your injuries and/or shock.

 There are many personal injury lawyers serving Pompano Beach and Broward County. However, some are better than others while some are outright fraudulent. So, how do you ensure you pick the best personal injury lawyer for your car accident claim?

 Consider Referrals

 You will never go wrong with a lawyer who has been referred to you by someone you trust, be it a colleague, a relative, or a friend. A lawyer who has been referred to you is more likely to be credible and reliable. You can also read reviews and customer testimonials.

 Confirm with your sources whether the lawyer is objective – you do not want a lawyer who is looking to settle quickly and move on to the next client. Visit the Florida State Bar website to determine if there has ever been a complaint filed against the lawyer.

 Research the lawyer candidates

 However you get to learn about the lawyer, do thorough research for yourself. Some of the qualities of a good personal injury lawyer include: 

  • Longevity in the business: This is indicative of a credible and reliable lawyer
  • Negotiation experience: Most personal injury claims are dealt with out of court in negotiations between the plaintiff’s lawyer and the defendant’s lawyer (or his insurer’s lawyer)
  • Trial experience: Some personal injury claims end up in trial – so the lawyer should have good trial experience. When looking at experience, consider the win rate.
  • In-depth understanding of relevant laws and regulations: You can determine whether a lawyer has in-depth understanding of relevant laws from your initial consultation.
  • Licensing: The lawyer you go for should be licensed to practice in Florida.
  • Membership to professional organizations: Other than the State Bar, the lawyer should also be a member of other professional organizations.  These organizations have strict rules that members have to abide by.
  • Location: You want a lawyer who lives near you since meetings will be easier and cheaper and filing court documents will be easier. It is also easier to vet a lawyer who lives nearby since you can always visit his/her premises.
  • Law firm: A good lawyer is one who is a member of a law firm. Law firms have greater resources than solo practices, including paralegals, libraries, space, and finances.

Consider Specialization

 Different lawyers specialize in different fields. Go for a law firm that specializes in car accident personal injury claims. Not only are such lawyers experienced, but they have valuable contacts that will make the claim process smoother.

 At the Law Offices of Ken M. Frankel, we specialize in car accident, medical malpractice, negligence, and wrongful death lawsuits. We are known for aggressively protecting our client’s rights and advocating for their best interests, our high win rate, and ethical approach to personal injury lawsuits. You can reach us on 954-784-0800 if you want to know the merits of your case or for any other questions you may have.