Find out what you have to do – and what you should never do – when it comes to dealing with an insurance company after an accident

Insurance companies have gained somewhat of a reputation when it comes to paying out claims and dealing with accidents and incidents. The thought of dealing with an insurance company after an accident is often dreaded by many simply by how time consuming and difficult it can be. It even becomes worse when you have to deal with the insurance company of the person who crashed into your car. In order to make the process easier, here are a few things you should know about dealing with insurance companies.

The first thing you should do after an accident is ensure that you call 911 immediately if there are any injuries. If you are not badly hurt, you can also take pictures of the accident scene and immediately call your insurance company. Failing to contact your insurance company can lead to higher premiums or even getting permanently dropped by the insurance company. You should always contact the insurance company first, then an accident lawyer who understands all the tricks and processes of insurance claims.

When filing your insurance claim, you will need a couple of crucial documents that will help prove your case. Some of the important things you need to have include police and accident scene reports, pictures of the accident scene, damages and injuries, expert witness reviews and any medical reports that you have. This information is important to show the damages suffered and to justify the compensation demanded of the insurance company by the claim. All of this information should be factual and validated by the relevant professionals. Having a strong claim file is the first great step towards getting compensation.

One trick that insurance companies often use is having the insurance adjuster call you for a statement which they often say is necessary to proceed with the claim. However, this is far from the truth as you are under no obligations to give recorded statements to insurance adjusters, even if they claim it is part of the normal procedure, without first speaking to your attorney. They attorney can help you to answer questions the right way to ensure your claim remains protected through the process. If you attempt that interview without the assistance of an attorney, you may issue some contradicting statements that void your claim.

The process of getting compensation from an insurance claim takes time as the insurance company wants to thoroughly investigate your claim. Some even delay just to see the progress of your personal injuries in terms of medical claims and wage compensation. It is advisable to stay keen on the process until your compensation is paid out. It is advisable to be truthful with the insurance companies but do not admit fault or provide personal recorded statements to the insurance company. In some states, sharing fault in any way for an accident could bar you from getting compensation for the damages you experience.