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Fort Lauderdale Personal Injury Lawyers

Have you been injured because of the negligence, mistake, and/or actions of another person? The experienced team of personal injury lawyers in Fort Lauderdale at Ken M. Frankel, P.A. can help you get the compensation you need to recover from your injuries and hold the negligent party accountable for their actions. Personal injuries can occur at work, on the road, or at the hospital or doctor’s office due mistakes during medical treatment. Personal injury can be physical or psychological, but to be actionable, it must have occurred as a result of the negligence or unsafe actions of an individual, group of persons, or organization, in order to recover some form of compensation.

Personal injury cases also vary from state to state and that’s why you need to hire an experienced law firm to represent you. We work with victims of all kinds of personal injury cases. We can help you collect the money you need to pay for medical bills, lost wages, property damage, and pain and suffering related to your injury.

Slip and fall Cases

Property owners or operators are legally obligated to ensure their property is safe and to warn visitors of any known hazards or dangerous conditions present on the property. If a person slips, trips, or falls as a result of a dangerous or hazardous condition – such as water, abrupt changes in flooring, poor lighting, or hole in the ground– the property owner may be fully responsible.

Slip and fall cases are one of the most complicated types of personal injury cases. Issues of fault or party responsibility can be difficult to prove. Slip and fall cases require high-quality legal representation and an experienced attorney can make all the difference in the outcome of your case. If you are a victim of a slip and fall injury, contact the Law Offices of Ken M. Frankel PA, they understand the liability and damages that you can claim based on your unique circumstances.

Premises Liability

When property owners are negligent in keeping their premises safe for authorized visitors and tenants, injuries may occur, and the injured party has the option to take legal action against the owner. Common types of injuries sustained in premises liability cases include burns, neck and head injuries, broken bones and spinal cord injuries. The negligent property owners may be held accountable for their actions or inactions. The law offices of Ken M. Frankel, P.A. are always available to discuss with you your legal options when you’ve been injured due to the negligence of a property owner.

Whether you simply want to get more information about your claim or you want to know the viability of your case, an experienced premises liability lawyer at the Law Offices of Ken M. Frankel, P.A. is here to help you. We understand that you are going through a difficult time. We take it upon ourselves to help you get the compensation you deserve.

Product Liability

Companies are responsible for making sure the products they manufacture and sell are safe and consumers have a right to expect that the products they buy will function safely when used as directed. However, sometimes these products contain unseen defects and fail unexpectedly causing serious and sometimes fatal injuries. Companies may be held liable for any injury their products cause.

If you or a loved one has been injured by a defective product, contact the Law Offices of Ken M. Frankel, P.A. Product liability cases can be complex and costly to prosecute. That’s why you need a law firm with the experience and resources to represent you. Contact us today and we will be happy to help.

Pharmaceutical Recalls

Pharmaceutical companies, manufacturers and suppliers recall their drugs and medical devices due to a number of reasons. Sometimes, drug recalls are initiated by the FDA. Most recalls are issued because the drug or device has been found to have a defect that can be dangerous to consumers. Are you sustaining injuries after using a pharmaceutical product or medical device that was later recalled? Talk to an experienced lawyer at Ken M. Frankel, P.A. today for an evaluation of your claim.

Pharmaceutical liability lawsuits against manufacturers of a dangerous defective drug or medical device can be very expensive, lengthy, and extremely complex, even if there was a recall. If you believe a drug or medical device is responsible for your injuries, the law offices of Ken M. Frankel, P.A. can aggressively pursue your claim against negligent drug companies, device makers, hospitals and pharmacies and help you secure the compensation you need and deserve for your injuries.

Airline Related Injuries

Serious injuries frequently occur in airports and airplanes. If you have been involved in any type of plane accident consult a lawyer. Slip and fall accidents may involve a slippery floor in a terminal, restaurant, bathroom, or food court in an airport, or even a slippery ramp or stairway to or from a plane. Sometimes inadequate security in airports and airplanes can also lead to assaults and physical attacks causing serious personal injuries. The Law Offices of Ken M. Frankel, P.A. are here to help you with any airport or airplane related injuries. All our personal injury claims are on contingent fee basis whereby we charge no fee unless we recover compensation for your injuries. Ken M. Frankel has helped many people who were victims of personal injuries. We are here to help you too.

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If you have been injured in any type of accident, you are encouraged to speak with a  personal injury lawyer. You have very specific rights as an injury victim, and these rights should be protected.

As an injury victim, you will face many challenges. You will have physical and mental challenges from your injury. You will have work-related and financial challenges to face. You may even have challenges to face with your family and friends. With so much going on in your life, it only makes sense to have an attorney manage the legal issues. You do not have to face all of these challenges alone.

There is no reason to delay speaking with an attorney. In fact, delaying could cause you to miss the opportunity to file a claim for compensation. Schedule a free consultation today with South Florida’s most trusted personal injury attorney

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