Secrets to Reaching Better Injury Settlements in Car Accident Cases

Car accident cases can be stressful and draining to say the least. That’s why personal injury victims are always advised to seek the help of qualified attorneys. Negotiating your claim with an insurance company without an attorney can be absolutely difficult and lowers your chances of getting a fair settlement. Let’s look at a few ways to reach better injury settlements if you are involved in a car accident case.

Always have a minimum settlement level in mind

When preparing the demand letter, always have in mind the minimum settlement amount that you can accept. Having a bottom line in mind helps to avoid the back and forth with insurance adjusters. You will not make a snap decision when you know the minimum amount. The minute the adjuster mentions an amount, you should be able to tell whether it’s too high or too low.

Identify evidence that makes your claim stronger

You have a strong case if the insured was completely at fault. You may also look for other loopholes that will help in negotiations. For instance, if there was a bottle of beer that was found in the insured’s car, refer to it to support your claim. You may also go for other emotional factors that are pointing in your favor. For instance, if the accident resulted in an injury that made you unable to care for your child, mention that it caused suffering in your family. These are powerful points that can get an insurance company to settle a claim fairly.

Understand what your claim is worth

Adjusters can quickly tell when you don’t know what your claim is worth. You will be presented with a first offer and if you quickly jump to take the amount, they can tell that you don’t know what you’re doing. Do not be quick to reduce your claim and always wait for response when you present the adjusters with a new offer.

Always ask for justification when given an offer

The insurance adjuster expects you to justify the settlement amount you’ve stated, in the same way ask the adjuster to justify their low offer. Make sure you keep a record of the conversation so that you can be able to respond to each fact that has been mentioned. You should be able to lower your settlement amount slightly and wait to see the adjuster’s response.
Work with an experienced car accident attorney

Sometimes the negotiations may not go as good as you hoped. You may have to speak to an attorney. For instance, if you are negotiating a settlement to cater for serious injuries, the insurance adjuster may not take your claim seriously if you go unrepresented. In cases where it’s not so clear who is at fault, an attorney is very important to help craft your argument. Attorneys can also help in cases where you have to claim for future damages such as medical treatment or future loss of income. These are experienced people who know how to approach a settlement effectively.