Should You Discuss Your Personal Injury Case with Your Doctor?

After getting into a car accident, it is very important that you see a specialist about your injuries. This should be done whether or not you file a personal injury case with a lawyer.

If you got into a car accident and visited your primary physician for your injuries, they will likely recommend you to visit a specialist. Rather than primary physicians, specialists are equipped to document your medical problems with specific details that are important for an insurance claim.

When seeing a specialist in regards to a personal injury, it is important to disclose all information. If you have previously suffered from knee pain, it is important that you tell this to your specialist. Many people tend not to tell their health specialist about minor injuries. For example, suppose that during the car accident you happened to hit your head on the steering wheel and, due to the impact, you now suffer minor headaches. You decide not to tell the specialist about your pain because you believe it is not a big deal since the pain is not overbearing. However, as time passes, the headaches gradually become worse, and you find out that you have a more serious injury which needs treatment. Since you did not discuss this information with the specialist in the beginning, the information you supplied may be viewed as unreliable.

With that being said, do not fake injuries when seeing a specialist because insurance companies have the right to hire a personal investigator if they believe you are being fraudulent. Lastly, the specialist’s job is to help you recuperate from your injuries, not work as an attorney. Be sure to keep your medical information with your doctor, and all the other information with your lawyer.

In any type of personal injury case it is crucial that you have evidence. Without medical documentation, it is difficult for the judge to make a decision. Medical records tell the judge the extent of your injury in detail and the treatment that you have been receiving. Make sure to disclose any information with your specialist. Not telling the doctor everything may lead you to not receiving the compensation that you deserve.