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Steps to Take if you are Involved in an Auto Accident or Motorcycle Accident

You are cruising down the highway on your motorcycle on a sunny and breezy weather that is just perfect for motorcycling and suddenly there’s a loud crash. You’ve just gotten involved in your very first motorcycle accident. Or perhaps you are driving to work in your car and before you know it your car gets smashed from the rear.

Auto and motorcycle accidents do happen, and usually when you least expect them. As a motorist, you must know what you need to do if you do find yourself in the unfortunate event of an accident.

If you are involved in an auto accident or motorcycle accident, the first thing that you must do is call 911 immediately. Once the police and paramedics arrive, anybody who is seriously injured will be accorded the medical attention they require.


In the event that no serious injuries have been sustained, the next step to take is collecting all contact, insurance information from the parties and get the names and phone numbers of all witnesses. These could be motorists, passengers and even pedestrians. You must remember to write down the make, model and license plate numbers of the cars or motorcycles involved in the accident. If your camera or camera phone is within reach take photos of the scene. The point in doing this is to document the event for future proceedings.

It is important to remember that you must never leave the scene of the accident before the arrival of the police. If you do this, you might face criminal charges. Besides it is always crucial to wait until the police speak with you to ascertain what happened.

Do speak with any adjusters from the other party’s insurance company because this could be a trap to get you to say something that you don’t mean. In fact, don’t say anything that could jeopardize you in the long run. Saying things like “I’m so sorry”; even if you are just being courteous will land you in trouble, and seen as an admission of fault.[/one_half]

Don’t be in a hurry to make repairs on your bike or car before the damage has been documented. There is a chance that you are entitled to compensation for these damages, by such repairing them only obliterates the evidence. Be sure to keep a record of all expenses accrued as a result of the accident, including medical expenses, repairs and so on.

If serious injuries have been sustained, the first step is to get medical help and then contact an auto accident or motorcycle accident lawyer.

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