Traffic Accident Attorney in Fort Lauderdale: Ken Frankel

traffic accident attorney in Fort Lauderdale

If you find that you’re in a traffic accident in South Florida, look no further than Ken Frankel, your expert traffic accident attorney in Fort Lauderdale for help.

Why Do You Need His Help?

Traffic accidents are frightening. One minute you’re calmly driving down the road and the next minute you hear the screech of metal and tinkle of glass. Maybe your car was rolled over and you’re suspended upside down by your seat belt.

And you’re in pain.

The most important thing to remember when you’re injured is that you are never alone when you have your own car accident lawyer in Fort Lauderdale working for you.

Ken Frankel will be standing right by your side the whole way to get you the monetary compensation you deserve whether your accident involves a car, motorcycle or truck.

A Traffic Accident Lawyer in Fort Lauderdale Who Visits You?

Yes, there is an attorney who will not insist that you come to his office. If you’re laid up or in the hospital, Ken Frankel will come to you.

And he always returns phone calls because he knows your accident is the most important thing on your mind.

The Frankel Injury Law Firm = Superior Representation

Ken Frankel and his team pride themselves on nothing but superior representation. From the first phone call to cashing the settlement check, he will be there to help you rest and recover.

Sometimes accident victims say they feel like pawns in a law firm game being passed from one lawyer to another and even being able to speak only to a paralegal.

That won’t happen when Ken Frankel is your auto accident attorney in Ft Lauderdale.

Ken is a sole practitioner which means that he is the only lawyer working on your case. Have a question at 7 at night? Give Ken a call and get some answers.

It’s All in the Details

The most important parts of your case are the details which is why your trucking accident law firm in Ft Lauderdale has a team of investigators and experts to secure key evidence and build your case.

Because details are so critical to an accident case, it’s important to get in touch with an attorney like Ken Frankel right away. And don’t give any statements to anyone that may be used against you.

One of the most important experts in accidents like this is called an accident reconstructionist. What they find could be the difference between a settlement and the defense insurance company deciding to roll the dice at trial because they think their case is so strong.

Something like the length of a skid mark could change the entire case in your favor. That’s where your motorcycle accident attorney in Fort Lauderdale can play a decisive role in preparing your case.

Ken Frankel Removes the Mystery of Law

Lawyers like Ken work as translators, if you will, to help de-mystify the law. There’s nothing an insurance company likes more than subterfuge, confusion and fear.

What should you keep in mind if you’re in a minor collision? Ken suggests these four things:

  • Driver’s name
  • Name of her insurance company
  • Where the accident happened, and
  • The other car’s model and license plate number

If your accident is more serious, make sure to call an experienced auto accident law firm in Ft Lauderdale like Ken Frankel for help.

He will explain the legal process to you in plain English so you understand what is happening in your case every step of the way.

Let Ken Lead the Way

With more than 25 years’ experience in traffic accident cases in South Florida, Ken will navigate the choppy waters of possible litigation so you can concentrate on what’s most important: recovery.

And if anyone can secure a rapid settlement, Ken Frankel can. He wants justice and he doesn’t want you to wait or worry about lost wages or medical bills.

If your accident is complicated, Ken Frankel will dig deep to find the underlying truth of what happened by investigating the facts that could swing a decision in your favor.

A Free Consultation

Following an accident, you can speak with Ken for free to see if you have a case. Not many lawyers do this but he wants to take the strain of a legal bill off your mind so you can focus on the accident that brought you to him.

There’s nothing worse than feeling you’re alone after an accident. Let your auto accident law firm in Ft Lauderdale be there to help you.

Give Ken a Call Today

Don’t let pushy insurance company representatives talk you into signing a release if you’ve had a serious accident. To get in touch with Ken, click here and send him a message right now.