Understanding the Common Pedestrian Accidents in Florida

Florida is famous for its stunning beaches, warm weather, and diverse cultural offerings. This place has various attractions, theme parks, and historic sites. The Sunshine State is also an attractive option for tourists wanting to escape the cold weather of other parts of the country. 

While it may attract tourists most of the year, pedestrian accidents are common in this state. These easily preventable injuries can significantly damage the victims and their loved one’s overall well-being and negatively affect their financial stability. For this reason, you should learn to avoid these accidents and find a reputable personal injury attorney when something happens. 

If you want a safe and enjoyable experience in Florida, this article will discuss common pedestrian accidents and how to avoid them. 

Who Can You Consider Pedestrians?

Before enumerating everyday accidents, we must first understand who pedestrians are. Pedestrians use walkways or roadways but aren’t in a vehicle. These include walkers, joggers, bicyclists, skateboarders, roller skaters, and Segway riders. 

What Are the Common Pedestrian Accidents?

Cars can injure pedestrians, including rolling stops, reckless driving, speeding, poor intersection design, passing a stopped school bus, and pedestrian negligence. Drunk and distracted driving can also severely injure or kill them. 

Where Do Pedestrian Accidents Usually Happen?

Florida is unique because officials designate most parts of the state as vacation spots. Pedestrian accidents are more likely to occur in tourist areas like popular attractions and beaches during holidays and summer because there will be many visitors. However, these unwanted accidents can also happen in residential areas and school zones. 

3 Ways to Stay Safe as a Pedestrian 

Pedestrian accidents can negatively affect one’s overall well-being but are preventable. After discussing the daily pedestrian accidents and where they’re likely to happen, this section will help you stay safe on the road. 

1. Don’t Assume You Have the Right-Of-Way

A common mistake people make is they assume they automatically have the right-of-way. However, that’s not always the case. The laws that allow people to cross roads in certain zones won’t usually result in accidents, but they sometimes do. 

You should never presume you have the privilege to cross the street, even if technically you do. You should also know that even if you’re authorized to cross the road at a marked pedestrian crossing, always double-check that the vehicles approaching you will halt. 

2. Don’t Dart Out between Cars

Never run between cars when crossing the road because it can be illegal and dangerous. Instead, use the designated crosswalk at the intersection. It will help you become more visible to drivers passing by, and you may also have the advantage of traffic signals or signs. Moreover, crossing at the crosswalk will make you more aware of vehicles that may not see you. 

3. Wear Light Clothes and Carry a Light

Walking or cycling, you must always learn to stay safe, especially at night. You can stay safe while staying active by wearing light clothing or carrying a light source or reflective materials. That way, you’ll be more visible to drivers and other pedestrians.  

What Should You Do After Getting in a Pedestrian Accident?

No matter how careful you are, unfortunately, accidents may still happen because of irresponsible drivers. You can protect your rights as an injury victim by immediately seeking assistance from a local personal injury lawyer. 

They’ll guarantee you receive the necessary medical care and help you construct a compensation package. This professional will also negotiate with the insurance company to secure a package covering your current and future medical expenses and financial losses resulting from the accidents. 


Nobody deserves to suffer or die from pedestrian accidents because they can negatively affect the victim and family. You can avoid these injuries by practicing road safety and seeking legal help from a reputable personal injury lawyer. 

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