What Factors Play into your Compensation after being Injured in an Accident

If you have been involved in an accident, you have a right to seek a fair and complete compensation from the party responsible for the injuries. There’s never a clear-cut way to accurately determine how much you will get as compensation. The average value of settlement will of course depend on the type of injury and type of accident that you were involved in.

Where you at fault?

One factor that will determine how much settlement you receive is the extent to which you were at fault. You may receive compensation for your injuries even if you were partially at fault. However, the level of compensation you receive if partially at fault will be much lower. A reliable personal injury attorney will help to ensure you present your case well and show that the accident was not your fault.

How much have you spent on medical care?

Accident victims are often compensated for medical expenses. If your injuries resulted in costly medical care including ambulance rides, prescription medication, physical therapy, surgery, hospitalization, need to acquire special equipment like crutches among other costs, this has to be taken into account when determining a suitable compensation. Sometimes the compensation will include future cost of medical care such therapy or rehabilitation that will be needed due to the injuries.

Severity/permanence of injuries sustained

Another factor that greatly determines the compensation you receive is the severity of injuries sustained. If the accident resulted in long-term or permanent injuries or a disability, your compensation could increase significantly. This is because a permanent disability or long-term injury will limit one’s ability to earn income.

However, for those victims who suffer minor injuries such as sprains and strains, compensation is easier to determine and much lower because they also have lower medical bills. Bear in mind that the compensation is awarded not only based on the costs you have already incurred but also the anticipated costs and losses. These anticipated costs are usually more in severe injuries and permanent disabilities as a result of the accident.

Were the treatments reasonable and necessary?

After an accident, you went and sought treatment for the injuries sustained. But were the treatments reasonable and necessary? You will only be compensated for treatments that are considered important to help you regain your health and wellbeing to the way it was before the accident. This means that any alternative treatments or therapies will not be considered when determining your compensation.

For how long will you need treatment?

To determine how much compensation you will receive, insurance companies usually consider the duration of your treatment. How long will you need to seek medical care? If you will need to go for appointments every day or weekly, this can increase your compensation amount.

Talking to a qualified personal injury lawyer regarding your accident will help you understand your options and gather all the supporting documents required to fight for maximum compensation. Experienced personal injury lawyers go a long way in making settlement negotiations achieve the best outcome for their clients.