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Why the black Box downloads are important in automobile accidents

Many law firms do not litigate your case. Here at Ken M. Frankel, P.A., we file many lawsuits to maximize your recovery. Some firms wait years trying to settle your case when you could be in litigation and not lose valuable time. Additionally, it sends a message to the insurance company that you mean business. Not every case needs to be filed early but this is something you should discuss with your attorney.

Another important aspect of serious injury cases is that early in the process the at fault car’s “black box” be downloaded for important data. If this download is not done timely and quickly this valuable information will be lost forever. It is very expensive to do this download so discuss with your automobile attorney the viability of doing it on your case. It is not mandatory to do on all cases, but it is appropriate on many.

Another important discussion to have with your attorney is what experts need to be retained on your case. Does my case warrant hiring an accident reconstructionist, economist, occupational rehabilitative, engineer, code violation, building experts, etc.?

Make sure if any experts are necessary to assist on your case your lawyer is willing to retain them and knows how to find the appropriate ones. Here at the Law Office of Ken M. Frankel, P.A., we have had the opportunity to retain many of the experts referenced above as well as the whoever is called for on your case.