Different Types of Personal Injury Cases

Different types of personal injury cases come in many types. The most important point is that irrespective of the cause of the injury, you could pursue monetary compensation for your damages and losses through the courts.  Thankfully, Fort Lauderdale personal injury lawyers  represent all types of cases so that you can easily expect to find an attorney who can fight for you and help you reach a fair settlement.

Let us now have a look at the different types of personal injury cases that are usually represented by Fort Lauderdale personal injury Lawyer:

Car accidents: Auto accidents, semis,motorcycles, or any type of motorized vehicle are the most common forms of accidents, in Fort Lauderdale.

Bicycle accidents: Every year, countless bicycle accidents take place in Fort Lauderdale and they usually result in some kind of injury. Mild abrasions, traumatic brain injuries or even crushed limbs can be experienced by victims.

Catastrophic injuries: These kinds of injuries lead to a life altering disability or a grave medical condition,which may affect the quality of life of the victim. Some of the most common types of major harm that can be experienced by an individual are birth injuries, spinal cord damage, traumatic brain injuries, organ damage and amputation.

Medical malpractice: It includes medical negligence or error by a health care professional including a doctor,surgeon, pharmacist, nurse, psychiatrist, dentist, emergency medical technician, therapist, or in a clinic or hospital. Negligent treatment can happen in surgery, medical visits, diagnosis, and countless other forms.

Pedestrian accidents: There is a high risk of death or injury for pedestrians involved in a traffic accident.When hit by a motor vehicle, they can suffer internal injuries, head trauma, multiple fractures, and spinal cord, back or neck damage.

Slip and fall: Both private and public property owners are expected to provide moderately safe environments for those visiting their premises. Where the owner of a property fails in correcting a dangerous condition or safety hazard which leads to injuries to visitors, guests, patrons or customers being injured he may be held responsible.

Product liability: When consumers buy products, they obviously do not expect them to bring any injury or harm when used. If you experience any harm or damage from a faulty product,the manufacturer and distributor may be held accountable.

Wrongful death: Justice may be sought by an individual’s immediate family survivors if any wrongful act takes away his life, through a lawsuit or wrongful death claim.

Irrespective of the type of incident or accident you have been a part of, you should get compensation that is reflective of the expenses and losses incurred by you. A significant difference can be made by a  personal injury lawyer in what you manage to recover.