Four Reasons to Hire Accident Lawyers in Fort Lauderdale

Perhaps you have ever been involved in an accident where you got injured because of  someone’s negligence. You got stuck chasing after the insurance companies, but these companies were clearly attempting to lowball you with a payout that didn’t even cover the cost of your recovery! Does this sound familiar?
This article will focus on the top four reasons you should hire an accident lawyer in Fort Lauderdale. I know you can be tempted to represent yourself, but you already know that it’s not a perfect idea and is likely to have some unfavorable consequences. Here are the four reasons you should hire an accident lawyer.


Competent accident attorneys are good at what they do. Such lawyers will always know when to let the claim go and when something should be pursued. They will guide you through the entire evaluation process, ensure that the damage is evaluated effectively, and if you need to file a lawsuit, it will be easier for you. This will relieve you the stress associated with the entire process. Besides, the attorney will help you save time and money that you could have wasted if nothing was going to come of the claim. We all know accidents and injuries happen, but a personal injury lawyer will tell you when you should consider a claim.

2.The lawyer will help with court case processes

If you will have to file a lawsuit, it’s crucial to hire a personal injury lawyer. Such an attorney knows how to work within the court standards, has an experience with such lawsuits and understands the pitfalls to avoid in every step. Keep in mind that self-representing injuries cases rarely make it in courts.

3.Insurance claims can be handled easily

We all understand the indemnity principle of insurance, but sometimes insurance claims and payments can be frustrating and difficult to handle especially if you are working alone. In some situations, some insurers act in a biased manner, and you may never get paid what you rightfully deserve.
Hiring a personal injury lawyer will ensure that you have filed your claim properly. Besides, the lawyer will deal with the insurance company on your behalf as you focus on your healing progress. Note that most people who earn huge settlements following an injury are usually represented by a personal injury lawyer. After all, if you don’t win your court case, most lawyers don’t charge fees.

4. A personal injury lawyer will help with the mediation process

Often, you will request a personal injury when you get injured. In this situation, you probably believe that the establishment is involved in your injury or the insurance company owes you restitution. Bringing in your lawyer – a third party allows for further discussions and negotiations regarding the restitution and payment. Besides, it opens chances for mediation and getting better alternatives instead of filing a lawsuit.
You now know why you should hire a personal injury lawyer. Ken M. Frankel P.A. understands all logistics associated with settlements of injury claims. Don’t hesitate to contact us.